Cutlery Ary Tray


Cutlery Ary Tray

Michael himself describes the Cutlery collection as: “A menagerie of familiar objects made to look sophisticated and fresh”.

Cutlery is a series of illustrated antique and vintage pieces of cutlery. Michael draws the pieces in a trompe l’oeil style to try to trick the eye into believing the pieces are really lying on the tray. The effect is mesmerising and brings a smile to peoples’ faces. Along with the items of cutlery, which include spoons, knives and forks are surprise elements of butterflies, eggs and string bows.

Michael’s inspiration behind the design was a little bit of Downton Abbey mixed with a bit of childhood memory. And indeed, most people have an association with these elegant pieces of utensil.
The design for each of the different tray sizes and shapes are slightly different, with varying compositions, which adds interest to the different pieces.

The collections are set against clean flat modern colours of white, slate, red and sky and give the drawings a sense of clean modernity that really suits contemporary as well as country homes. Michael Angove Design Ltd has designed the collection exclusively for Åry

Material: Scandinavian birch wood from renewable forest
Dimensions: H33xW43cm

No joining marks
Dishwasher safe
Please note due to the handmade nature slight imperfections may occur

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